Posted on: December 29, 2008 3:38 pm

Step 1 in improving: Get rid of the Coordinators

I was holding off until the Bears season had officially ended which turned out to be yesterday after the Bears were once again outcoached and outperformed by a lesser team.  So today I am back on the bandwagon of telling the Bears what they need to do go improve.  Although I believe Lovie needs to be held accountable for the past 2 seasons being complete failures, the owners of this team are not going to eat the remaining 3 years he has on his contract.  So to me, the next logical step is to get rid of the 2 useless coordinators the Bears currently have.  Here are the reasons why:


He is perhaps the worst DC in NFL history.  This guy turned one of the best defense's in the league into a defense that has finished in the bottom half the last 2 seasons.  This being with almost the same exact players.  His fake blitz scheme has not done anything to disrupt the opposing team and since we had 5 games this year without a sack, it is not generating any more pressure on the QB.  All it does is put Urlacher and Briggs out of position to make plays.  He cannot adjust and I truly believe he has lost the players which is the biggest reason he should be out as coach.  This was a huge mistake on the part of Lovie Smith.  He should never have let Rivera just walk away, but he thought his system was bigger than the coach and he could have his buddy/puppet run the defense and they would be fine.  Big mistake.  Rivera took over the DC job midseason in SD and since that the time the Chargers have gone 5-3 and not given up anymore than 24 points in a game and that was in a blowout win.  The players liked Rivera and they have not played with the same intensity since he left.  I'm not saying bring him back but Lovie needs to admit his mistake and move on from Babich


I have been on the fire Ron Turner bandwagon for years but this guy always gets a pass because of a perceived "lack of offensive talent".  As a OC part of the job is to make the talent you have better but there has not been one player who has improved under his regime.  Name one!!  He is unimaginitive, conservative, predictable 1980's playbook needs to go away.  Teams no what to expect and when to expect it because he never changes.  Has anyone else been watching the game and predicted what play he will run in crucial situation?  I have, that is because it is always the same thing and if we can do that at home, you bet the other teams coordinators can do the same after studying the Bears all week.  In the last few games, Forte has been a non-factor in the middle of the games.  Turner just seems to forget about him.  Not sure if the injury is worse than the Bears are telling us or what but if he is suited up he needs to get the ball.  The other issue is not being creative in getting the talent the ball where they will succeed.  Stop slamming Forte up the middle of having Hester run a curl pattern, get them the ball in open space with some creative plays like crossing routes or screens.  Just can't stand this guy and I hope his day has finally come.

Anyway, this is just the start of the process but it needs to be done soon.  Three teams have already fired their Head Coaches and we need to get our choice of the best available before these other teams start picking them up.  If this is not done, we will get another 7-9 or 8-8 season, all our talent will be a year older and eventually will have to start rebuilding again.  An example of the kind of OC I think would help the Bears is Mularkey.  I know he will not come to the Bears as an OC but that is the type of coach we need to look for.  He took an offensive line rated as one of the worst in the league, a career backup RB, a rookie QB and made them one of the top offensives in the league.  That is what a good coach can do and I don't feel either one of the coordinators have can do that.  Do you?

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